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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Unique & Romantic Valentines Day Gifts by Regina Sheridan

If your looking for something different this year to show your partner just how special they are, here is a kit that can help you. Bed Of Roses Kit. Sometimes, one small gesture is all it takes...throughout history the rose has been used to symbolize the expression of ones love for will you express your love? It is a known fact that few are able to resist the seductive qualities of a roses' beauty and aroma...will you be seduced? Enclosed you will find over one hundred scented silk rose petals, four tea lights and a special invitation card for your loved one.

The Bed of Roses Kit is perfect for anyone who wishes to create a wonderfully romantical experience with their partner. Just imagine, your partner comes home and finds attached to the door a special invitation card from you. Upon opening the door they find a trail of beautiful rose petals leading the way to the bedroom where the room is seductively glowing with the tea lights, romantic music softly playing in the background and you.... waiting to indulge their every sexual desire. This kit provides everything that you need to create the above experience but; if you want to get really creative let me suggest a few other little things that you could add that would greatly increase the magic of the adventure. Add these items: Rose scented bubble bath, chocolate of any kind and a glass of your partners favorite drink. Now let's start over.

Your partner comes home to find an invitation on the door, upon entering, they find a trail of rose petals leading the way to the bathroom where they open the door and find a room seductively glowing with candles, a warm bubble bath, their favorite drink, a scrumptious chocolate aphrodisiac, music playing softly in the background and you..... with bath sponge in hand.

See, the possibilities are endless with a kit like this and a little imagination but the greatest part is that YOU get all the credit!

This kit comes in your choice of red or white rose petals. I think it would make for a perfect Valentines Day gift-a gift truly from the heart. For more ideas visit my online store at:

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Regina Sheridan is the web master for Destinys Sexual Treasures She also writes product reviews for Jennas Blog.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Mornings Don't Have to Be Annoying When You are Pregnant by Elysiana Canlas

Morning sickness can be a hassle for pregnant women. Unfortunately, it is something they must deal with during pregnancy. The symptoms and severity of morning sickness varies from one person to another. Good news however to all suffering pregnant ladies, morning sickness seems to be a positive sign that your pregnancy is going on just fine; that is according to a study conducted by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. Their research shows that women who experienced vomiting during the first trimester of pregnancy were less prone to miscarriage or premature delivery.

This of course does not lessen the agony of morning sickness. Below are some remedies and tips for pregnant women dealing with morning sickness.

-Stay away from warm areas. This is because heat aggravates nausea.

-Sleep well at night, make sure you get a lot of it and in the morning, get out of your bed slowly. Tiredness can also increase the discomfort so it also advisable for a pregnant woman to take short naps during the day.

-Eating cereals or crackers in the morning before getting up is also helpful.

-Keep fried, spicy and greasy food stuff away from your menu.

-Try eating anything salty before a meal.

-Eat protein-rich snacks frequently.

-Avoid skipping meals.

-Believe in your body. Eat what it craves for, as long as it is not junk of course.

-Get as much ginger as possible. Ginger alleviates all sorts of nausea so try drinking ginger tea or eat food items with ginger.

-Try other sorts of herbal and non-caffeinated teas. Lemon balm, raspberry leaf and chamomile are very much recommended.

-Drink clear fluids frequently to avoid dehydrating one's self.

-Mixing 2-3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in warm water and drinking it in the morning helps neutralize stomach acid.

-Eat small meals frequently during the day instead of feasting on three large meals a day.

-The baby inside the stomach also consumes sugar for energy. Eat fruits because the sugar in them are already half broken down. It would be easier to digest them and get the sugar in the blood supply. Oranges and grapes are good for this purpose.

-Nibble a lot. Nibbling on a cracker or candy will keep the heartburn at bay. The stomach normally produces higher amounts of gastric juices during pregnancy. Always have something for the stomach acids to work on.

-Pump up your dosage of vitamins B6 and B12, zinc, folic acid and iron. The body needs more of these during pregnancy. Sufficient amounts of these nutrients will lessen nausea caused by pregnancy.

-Try out acupressure massage. This can be done by a professional or, with proper training, the woman's husband.

Pregnant women dealing with morning sickness can be very sensitive with odors. Here are some things they can try to avoid certain odors:

-While cooking, switch on the exhaust fan or open the windows.

-Preparing food using the microwave oven minimizes odors.

-Have a handkerchief always with you which has a few drops of essential oil. It is important that the essential oil does not cause nausea. Use this to cover the nose when a pregnant woman can't avoid the odor aggravating her nausea.

Finally, do not fret so much about it. As long as there is continuous weight gain and there is no problem with dehydration, then there is nothing to be so worried about.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

4 Easy Ways To Relief Headache by Riana Lance

Having headache is annoying and sometimes it is difficult for us to avoid. Mostly when we are under pressure, headache appeared automatically. If it gets worse, we might faint due to the pain we felt.

A headache is a condition of mild to severe pain in the head. It can also attack at our upper back or neck. There are different types of headache, but most of the time headache brought on by stress, too long in front of computer, noise and others.

One of the main causes of headache is tension in the muscles of the neck, scalp and jaw. We usually deal with it by taking some sleep or consume over-the counter aspirin to release our pain. However, can we do this at any place?

Obviously, we cannot sleep at the office or at the mall. In addition, we might run of aspirin when headache strike us.

Do not worry! The easiest way to handle headache and we can do it everywhere is through massage. Massage is the practice of applying pressure or vibration to the soft tissues of the body, to heal injury, relieve psychological stress, manage pain, improve circulation and relieve tension.

When we suffer from headache, we can help ourselves with self-massage. Simple and everybody can do it, either at work or home.

Here are four easy ways in massage to heal our headache.

1. Eyes Area Massage -- Close your eyes. Place your middle fingers to your eyes that are above cheekbones. Massage that area gently but firmly in circular motion for 1 minute,

2. Eyes to Nose Massage - Using thumb, go along the underside of eyebrows (along the bone on top of eye socket). Feel where this bone meets the bridge of your nose and eyes and find a point where there is a small indentation. Very gentle pressure, press your thumbs into the points. You can do it four times by holding and press that area for 10 seconds in each press.

3. Neck Massage -- Massage a point where you can feel it by moving the middle fingers of your hands to the back of your head and feel the base of your skull. Specially, at the tops of your neck that meets the base of your skull. Massage for a minutes using finger tips gentle in circular movement.

4. Scalp Massage - Let your palms of your hands massage your scalp on the top of your skull for a minute gently.

Once you have done all those massages, start taking a deep breath. Lift your shoulders towards your ears for five to 10 seconds to relief remaining pain, and then let them drop back down into their natural position.

You are going to feel better when you can do that for a couple of times. Your massage will relief your headache and your head will feel less weighty.
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Riana Lance writes about health in some publications. Twice a week she informs her health tips and knowledge in a newsletter. Subscribe to get your free twice a week newsletters so you can stay healthy for the rest of your life from

Monday, January 23, 2006

Step-By-Step Guide To An Intimate First Date by Christine Akiteng

Step-By-Step Guide To An Intimate First Date by Christine Akiteng

We live at a time when forming sexual relationships is getting more and more complicated. We're bombarded with information and statistics glamorizing dating and making it look so easy. TV shows such as "Sex and the City," 'The Bachelor" and many other "hook up" shows are all filled with images of pseudo-witty, independent and sexually "liberated" wannabes all wrapped up in Gucci, sipping pink cocktails and exploring Kama Sutra with a non-stop string of well to do suitors. But for many of us it's not happening that way in real life.

Not only is dating frustrating, it appears we are quickly forgetting how to connect with the opposite sex in a meaningful, fulfilling and lasting way. We're playing the Dating Game but no one seems to know what to do anymore.

Just the other day, a client described to me how she found herself arguing with a guy she really liked over who should pay for the meal. The ridiculous situation came up because of all the confusion over who pays for what and when it is a date. Often a man or woman will ask someone of the opposite sex out for coffee or to the movies thinking they are just hanging out. Then he or she offers to pay and the whole outing becomes "confusing" because the person begins wondering if it's a "trick date".

Why does something as natural as finding someone to be with have to be such a struggle?

Both men and women I have talked to tell me they think that the feminist revolution which ushered in so many great achievements and remarkable progress in gender equality also brought along confusion between the sexes leaving many vulnerable and confused. We seem to know our gender rights and boundaries in all areas except when it comes to sexual relationships. Here the boundaries become fuzzy and even keep shifting depending on the circumstances. I agree that there is so much confusion as to who does what, to who, for how long and when, I also think that there is an additional dynamic driving today's dating game.

In the old days, men and women spent time getting to know each other often becoming good friends before the relationship became romantic and/or sexual. During a date, the man consciously tries to make a woman happy, doing everything he does to gain her attention and affection. The woman on the other hand encourages him with admiration, respect, and appreciation for even the smallest things he does for her. But these days it sort of works backwards. It starts out with mostly romantic dinners, romantic emails, expensive gifts and sex and then it builds into a friendship - that is if a couple even ever gets to the friendship level.

There are many couples today who get married and have never developed a friendship at all. They live like two perfect strangers who occasionally find something in common to say to each other or do together. Intimacy is a task instead of a given accountability and responsibility are burdens rather than freedoms and creativity and humor is lacking in every aspect of their lives and relationship. It is practical prison!

In today's dating arena, both men and women tend to seek after commitment first and foremost. Before they even go out with you on a date, they want to know if you are willing and ready for commitment. Because commitment is very high priority on the agenda, there is an enormous (and unnecessary) pressure on the date to progress in a certain way. Sometimes one or both parties have expectations but these expectations are never explicitly discussed and both parties are left second guessing each other.

Asking someone out is really hard for both men and women. Getting to know someone on an intimate and meaningful way is even harder. For someone interested in more than just superficial, self-absorbed, egotistic, selfish and manipulative dating, you may have to figure out new rituals of connection and intimacy that make it possible for you to connect and stay emotionally close to your date.

Let's say you are attracted to the teller at the bank. You could flirt, deliver your best pick-up line, and ask what time he or she gets off, but you anticipate (rightly) that they may not be comfortable mixing business with pleasure.

So, what do you do?

I have listed here a few suggestions that might make it a little easier to ask someone out and actually manage to have a "fun" date. These suggestions can be used equally by men and women, however, I do realize that individuals need to make their own decisions about how they want to date and I do believe that it's important that each individual make his or her own decisions. Please look at these only as guidelines and not rules.

You smile, make eye contact, introduce yourself, ask their name, make small talk, pay a compliment, anything you would do to be friendly with anyone in any setting. The purpose of this first contact is to walk away having left a positive impression.

Return to bank within 48 - 72 hours. The purpose is to try to discover whether he or she is even slightly interested. Now that you are on a first name basis you can start with small talk and add some personal "I was sort of hoping that you'd be here when I came in". Note their reaction- positive, negative or neutral. Towards the end of the transaction say "I really enjoy talking with you." Leave another positive impression, this time based upon something real about you.

If you are one of those women shy about asking men out, say "I really enjoy talking with you. Here is my card. I would love for you to call or e-mail me sometime". The problem with this is that now you can not call or email him without appearing "desperate" or "coming on too strong".

Preplan what you want to do - where you want to go, and when you want to do it, before asking the person out. And I think this is true whether you ask the person out in person or over the phone. If you do ask someone out over the phone it's important that you make clear just who you are. There are a lot of Daves and Saras in the world and it's hard to distinguish who you are just on the basis of a first name or the sound of your voice.

Make some sort of personal connection by reminding them of the conversation you've had in the past - or in what other context you know them. This makes it a little more personal.

Ask someone to do something casual as opposed to a more formal date. With something casual, there doesn't have to be a lot of heavy planning. Examples would be to ask someone to have coffee after work, to look at pictures in a gallery or go play tennis at a public park. That kind of request may be easier for someone to say yes to than a more formal kind of date like going to dinner or a concert.

Tell the person what you plan to do. For example, saying "Would you like to play tennis on Thursday?" lets the person know what he or she might be saying yes to--both INTEREST and AVAILABILITY. Asking in this way is typically construed as friendly, non-threatening, and respectful. You are giving him or her lots of room to decline easily and gracefully. This more direct approach is more likely to be successful than something as indirect as saying, "What are you doing Saturday night?"

It's also good to let the other person know why you want to go out with him or her. For example, " you seem like a really interesting person" or "it seems that we have a lot in common". You're just being authentically, benignly and innocently friendly. It is very helpful for you and for them to know why you want to go out with him or her and most people would be flattered and positive. Don't worry about the people that take you the wrong way, they are simply screening themselves out.

If the other person says "yes" and you end up out on a date (I prefer to think of it as doing something together), do not start by asking a lot of questions about the other person because this tends to put the other person on the spot. Instead, it's best to start by giving information about yourself. Very briefly talk about what you're interested in, what you are into and then ask a question or two about them to get the conversation going.

Once the conversation takes off try not to talk too much about yourself instead focus on the person before you and you might just discover how good you are at picking up other people's vibes. Most people are often too concerned about what they've said or what they're going to say next that they don't really pick up what it is that is being conveyed to them. Listening involves paying attention to what the person is trying to tell you verbally and what he or she is actually saying non-verbally. It's important to let the person know they've been heard and understood. Ask a meaningful questions about what was said, how a person feels about what he or she did etc. Finally, you can talk about yourself, either how or when you felt in a similar situation - maybe it was the same as they felt, maybe different. This allows you and your date to communicate on a more personal level.

Another way to get the conversation going on a personal intimate level is to share the feelings that you're having at the immediate time. For example, if you're at a movie that's boring, you can turn to your date and say, "This is a really boring movie," chances are they are going to respond by agreeing with you. In this instance, it's best to be honest even though sometimes honesty may make you uncomfortable. This might even provide a good laugh for both of you and really ease the experience and make it more pleasurable.

If the person says "no" to your request for a date, don't necessarily think that it means that he or she doesn't ever want to do something with you. Take into account the tone of the conversation and the sincerity in the excuse they give you. For some people, the timing isn't right because of other commitments or because they are preoccupied or stressed about other things. For some, the activity you are proposing might not be something they have interest in. So if you presume that the only reason you're being turned down is that there is something wrong with you, you may be making a very big mistake.

It is true, however, that some people just don't hit it off together and there may not be anything you can do about that except to look for someone whose interests are more like your own. You also need to keep in mind that a person's accepting a date may not mean anything beyond the acceptance of that given date. You should keep your focus on having an enjoyable date rather than planning for any particular future with that person based on their accepting the date.

That said, nobody is perfect at this process, but you can have a lot of fun meeting new people, so the effort can pay off if you give it a try. And, like with any skill, you can get better at it with practice.

I hope that these suggestions will empower you to take more initiative and be a successful dater.

About the Author

Christine Akiteng is an internationally renown Dating Coach and Erotic Educator helping singles and dating couples find the wisdom and power that await within to guide their hearts towards love that is healthy, real, joyous and fulfilling. Christine's Website:

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Spiders in Your Legs? Here's How to Get Rid of Them by Ismael D.Tabije

As I was searching for more information on varicose veins' cure, I sat on the swivel chair in front of the PC in a relaxed but poised position: upright with my right leg over my left leg. What I thought of as a comfortable sitting position could have led me to get more of the unwanted varicose veins. The topmost DON'T in preventing and relieving varicose veins was: DON'T cross your legs when sitting. It was like touching a hot plate; I immediately uncrossed my legs and leaned forward to read more.

Other than not crossing the legs, here are some great preventive measures that you ought to know so as not to have those gory spider veins marring those pretty legs: · Regular exercise helps in the continuous flow of the blood. It is understandable that time is quite a problem. Choose an exercise activity that is not so time consuming, like walking a good distance will be great.

· Watch your weight, a very heavy body gives burden to the legs that hold it upright.

· If your job requires standing for a long period of time, shift your weight from one foot to the other time and again. If it is possible, always sit on breaks and relax tired feet.

· Elastic stockings can best support legs.

· See to it that your clothes, even you underwear are comfortable and not too tight especially on the waist, groin and leg areas.

· High-fiber foods can help prevent constipation that could also contribute to varicose veins. Eat as much fiber-filled foods as possible.

· Salt can be a factor in swelling of the body. Reduce your salt intake.

· Find time to exercise your legs even when sitting. It can help in the circulation of blood. A simple leg stretching and feet and ankle rotation can relieve soreness and can revive those veins.

· Leg elevation at the end of the day is highly recommended. Prop your feet on a chair or on the wall at home when you watch TV or a few minutes before you go to sleep.

· Long travels constrict and numb your legs and feet. If you can, get up and move about in your vehicle (for travels on buses, trains and airplanes) or pull over every 30 minutes when traveling in a car to relax and stretch your legs.

· Choose an aisle seat or the one nearest an exit door when attending long conferences and meetings. This way, you can easily go out and stretch every fifteen to thirty minutes to avoid cramps.

Researchers show that women are not the only victims of varicose veins. In fact, recent studies show that a large percentage of men also get varicose veins. Varicose veins are brought about by a lot of things from being overweight to genetics to aging. Most factors that contribute to acquiring varicose veins are the work (especially if it includes long periods of standing up), pregnancy, stomach disorders such as constipation; and then there's improper posture. As always, the adage that prevention is better than cure is very true. Although major treatments and operations are not exactly needed in curing varicose veins, the pain could be uncomfortable, not to mention unsightly especially for a woman. There are dermatological ways to remove varicose veins but, if you can help it, prevent it from appearing on your body parts by doing the self-help tips that are stated above.

About the Author
The writer, Ismael Tabije, is the editor of the book, "The Man Who Grew Younger: Secrets to Natural Fitness and Beauty", which can be accessed at It has complete descriptions and illustrations of unique but proven effective exercises for maintaining youth and total vitality. He also runs the related website,, a wide collection of health and fitness e-books

Fashion Directions for 2006

Fashion styles are forever changing. What do this year's changes bring forth? Fashion is up and down and all around this year. Accessories are going to sizzle this summer, hemlines are going down a bit, pants waistlines are going up, necklaces are going down, scarves are fluid, earrings are dangling, handbags get soft, and belts are back. Feminine, sexy and sultry styles will keep those heads turning. Sheers, crocheted lace, silky satin and flowing gauze will be everywhere. Comfy cool and sexy, sounds like a great year for women!

Accessories are fabulous this year and are leaning in the arts & craft direction. We will start with necklaces. They are beady, long and plentiful. Where a single large beaded strand with artful beads or pair them up with several. Long is where they are at as well as big and with interesting beads. Plastic, glass, wood, handmade, crocheted, and metal beads in all variations have invaded the necklace world. Find them beaded alone or with lace, sheer or ribbon. Artisans beware; fabulous finds are in high demand! While you are at it, dangling earrings to match will complete the ensemble. Hoops and beads are dangling in the earring category. Out with the chandeliers and in come the dangling beads.

Belts are back big-time accentuating the waistlines. In the gym lately? You'll need it this year! Belts run the gamut this year in all styles. Wide big belts are back as well as plenty of other styles. Crocheted lace belts, pom pom end belts, leather, and fabric belts are all a hot ticket. Sheer or lace belts are big that can be used two fold. You can where them as a belt or as a scarf. Get creative and find those great finds at art fairs in fabric belts or crocheted belts.

Gold is big this season. Find it in handbags, jewelry, clothing and shoes. Don't go overboard with gold; remember a little goes a long way. Don't cover yourself in gold from head to toe; you'll look like a left over Christmas ornament! Gold shoes and a great gold handbag will look great with any outfit and you will not be overdoing it.

Handbags are always a favorite; you can never have enough of them. Soft leathers, straw and fabrics are very in. Larger size handbags are big. Look for lots of gathered ends on the top and visible pockets on the outside. Straw is hot in all colors and new styles, crochet and appliques are abundant. You will see simple designs to more artistic designs. Stick with simple if your outfit is strikingly fabulous. When going for a more conservative or simple style, then go with a more artistic handbag to set it off.

The ups and downs have it this year. Necklaces are going down as well as hemlines. Not too much though, just mini's are out. Look for knee length and long flowing skirts and dresses. Lacey, satin, sheers and gauze is it for skirts and dresses. Yes, I did say dresses; they are making a comeback big-time. Comfy and sexy at the same time! Skirts styles are very full along with A-lines are very in. Pants waistlines are starting to go up which is what is bringing belts back in. It may take a while but at least they are not going down any farther. Was there any room left to go?

Let your accessories sizzle and your femininity and sex-appeal reign in this year's styles.

About the Author
Mary Bailis is a designer and owner of an online custom handbag and accessory boutique. She enjoys fashion, reading, being creative, exercising, nature and spending as much time with her three beautiful children.